Drivetrain close-up of a SRAM Red 10 speed groupset

Rear Derailleur Adjustment & Tuning Explained

Rear Derailleur Adjustment

This is our current #1 reference video for anyone who asks!  Great rear derailleur adjustment vid from Calvin & the Park Tool Team.  The absolute best in the business

So now you’ve got no excuse ‘cos if you’re not tuning your bike, you’re basically riding a glorified rusty tricycle. Why settle for mediocrity when you could be flying down the road like a bat out of hell? Not knowing how to tune your own bike is like using a flip phone in 2023 – living in the past and missing out on all the sweet, sweet upgrades. So get your head out of your spokes and start tuning that baby up. If you need a little motivation, just remember: a finely-tuned bike is a happy bike, and a happy bike is a happy cyclist

Don’t be a sad sack of bolts. Tune up or tune out!


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