Detail of a very clean Campagnolo rear deralleur showing how to wash your bike

How To Wash Your Bike

Park Tool How To Wash Your Bike Video

The Park Tool How To Wash Your Bike video because let’s face it:  Your bike is filthy!

I mean… seriously… when was the last time you gave it a proper wash? No, leaving it out in the rain while you sit in the cafe waiting for the clouds to pass doesn’t count!  Your bike is a workhorse, taking you on adventures and enduring all kinds of abuse. The least you can do is show it some love and give it a good scrub down after every ride

If you need more convincing, just think of all the nasty germs and bacteria that are probably breeding on your bike right now. Do you really want to be riding a Petri dish on wheels?

Grab some soap and water, and give that bike the TLC it deserves. And if you don’t, well, we’ll see you 3 months earlier for your next service  

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