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$99 + PARTS

Breakdown of service

They’re everywhere:  Stem, seatpost, pedals, crank, headset & whatever else I missed.  They often work their way loose over time & need to be checked & tightened (or torqued if needed)

Rim brake:
We check your cables & replace them if needed.   & brake calipers correctly aligned.    The brake pads are checked & replaced if needed.  After the wheels are trued the cables are tightened & final adjustments made
hydraulic disc:
We check rotors for warping &/or damage & replace if needed.  We check the pads & scuff or replace as needed.  Brake surfaces cleaned with isopropyl alcohol if needed

Brake bleeding is $30 per brake or $50 for both

Align derailleurs, adjust cable tensions, check for wear & damage.  Replace cables if needed

Lube the chain & pivot points on derailleurs.

Check tyres for damage & inflate to correct PSI.

Check wheels for damage & true where needed

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À la carte Menu

Adjust and align gears$25+ Parts/cables where needed
Adjust and align brakes$25+ Parts/cables where needed
Clean Chain & cassette$25
Wheel trued$25 each + Parts where needed
Brake surface cleaned & pads deglazed$25+ pads if needed
Tyres changed$25 + Tyres
Check and tighten all bolts and crank$25+ Parts where needed
Bar tape wrapping$20+ Bartape
Chain Waxing$45 – 1st time then $25 - per refresh

* Pricelist is a guide only.

Always call or bring the bike down for an exact quote

Chain waxing

Utrasonic cleaners

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We deep clean & dry the cassette, chain, chain rings & the front & rear derailleurs using an ultrasonic cleaner & our non toxic secret herbs & spices.  We do this even with new parts.  Absolutely no contaminates can be left or the wax will not take

The chain is then submerged in our ultrasnonic cleaner containing our melted wax/teflon mix.  The ultrasonic cleaners as the vibration helps the wax solution to penetrate deep within the chain & links

Once the chain is removed it’s hung to allow the wax to cool & dry.  Once the wax has returned to a solid state it’s embedded within the individual pieces that make up a bicycle chain.  The excess wax is removed frome the outside of the chianlinks leaving just the wax in the links & a waxy feeling to the touch

Any questions?

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