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Bike Servicing

Bikes serviced & tuned to be race ready, to ride around the bay, go on that weekend rail trail or just ride down to the local

Bike Maintenance Course

Learn to tune & service on your own bike in our 3 hour tuning & maintenance workshop

Chain Waxing

Deep clean & chain waxing using Utrasonic technology

Custom Bicycle Build

Whether you've found that team edition frame you've been hunting for the past decade or want to convert that old mountain bike into a monstercross gravel grinder we've got you covered

The Bike Mechanics Day…

Mr Smith, you’re going to need new brake pads (name changed to protect Barrys privacy) No thanks Steve, can you just adjust the caliper…  It’ll be fine

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Thin Tyres Vs Fat Tyres

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n-DHQAUmGk&t=506s I’ve recently changed the tyres on my Synase Hi-Mod to 700×30…   I’m loving the ride!!

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A Taste Of What’s Coming 😎

I always get a hard time about not taking pics of bikes before they’s restored…  I’ll try to rectify that!  Over the next few days I’ll post a little of what we’re working on Let’s start with a CAAD9 pictured straight outta the box…  Ugly as Sh1t!  Let’s see if we can change that😎😋🚲

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