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Crunchy gears... Creaks... Buckles.... Rubbing brakes... Or no brakes at all... WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!

3 Hour Bike Maintenance Course

Sunday afternoon ride ruined by sh*t shifting
We’ve all been there
& we'll be there again...

9 times out of 10 you can fix the issue in a few minutes & continue with your ride
& the same goes for a whole lot of other stuff too!

Click the button below to find out more about our 3 hour bike maintenance course & our one on one training

Bicycle Chain Waxing

Deep clean & chain waxing using our secret herbs & spices

Custom Bike Building

Complete builds, conversions, upgrades, monstercross builds

Paconi frame set waiting to be built

Paconi Frame Set

Paconi frame set build coming soon (hopefully next week) Button below is the link to the Paconi Facebook page for history & info   Click here

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Campagnolo Velox rear derailleur

Campagnolo Velox Rear Derailleur

We’ve had this on a shelf for years ‘cos we like to look at it & every now & again post a pic or 2 of it… I don’t think we’ll ever build something that needs a Campagnolo Velox RD… But who knows?

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campagnolo cannondale mountain bike 3

Campagnolo Cannondale Mountain Bike

This gifted to us the other day.  Paint’s a little rough but not a single dint.  It’s not too often you use Campagnolo, Cannondale & mountain bike in the same sentence… I believe it’s a 1992(?) frame.  I’m guessing it’s not really worth anything except for it’s curiosity value…  Not too mention it’s an awesome

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