Extra small Canyon Ultimate SL aero 8 leaning on a sign

Seb’s Canyon Ultimate SL aero 8

Seb’s had troubles finding bike’s in his size so imagine how stoked he was when he found this Canyon Ultimate SL aero 8!?!  Even has 650b wheels.  What a machine Around 7kg with pedals & bottle cages #1226bikes #canyoncycles #canyonultimate #canyonultimatesl

Mid ‘80’s Colnago Master Columbus Gilco covered in polka dots

Colnago Master Columbus Gilco S4 Update

We’ve had the Colnago Master Gilco S4 in the workshop for a while now so we’ve pulled it down, re-tweaked & retuned, changed the bartape from white to black with white dots & the rest remains the same.  It’s awesome!M0re pics & revamped listing coming soon

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