Raccomi bike leaning on a brick column

**SOLD** Raccomi Restoration

Raccomi Restoration

One of our earlier restos & still to this day probably my all time favourite!! When I found the bike it was absolutely hammered.  True barn find…  Nothing was replaced, not even the chain or cassette. Everything was cleaned & polished using nothing but elbow grease…

Actually we did use a little degreaser, soap, steel wool & a sponge… & a whole lotta time!!)

After cleaning out the inside of the shifters they were still crisp & sharp on the change!

We didn’t touch up the paint at all. The chips were few & far between & it seemed a shame not to keep them as part of the story of the bike.

Probably the only 2 things I’d do differently now is dig out the polish from the grooved & corners with a pointy cloth… & use silver cables!! 🙄

Wait… & take better photos 😅😂🤣

So much Campy & Shimano in the same build 🤯🤯

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