F.Moser Alu Gara Resto

Step one… Drive 800 km to Sydney… Find an old F.Moser Alu Gara down by the beach… Make sure it has plenty of rust, the gears are seized & it looks completely hammered…

Step 2. Strip it down & do a resto on the frameset

Step 3. Add a 10 speed Campy grouppo & bling it up in Superman colours

Step 4. Sit back & wait for the praise to come flooding in… Who wouldn’t love this beast??

Step 5. Discover you’re the only one who loves this beast with Campy & Superman colours 🤯🤯🧐

Step 6. Put the now fully restored original wheels & DA 7700 grouppo back on the bike

Step 7. Come to the conclusion that sometimes you can’t mess with perfection! 😎🚲🤙

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