3 hour Bicycle Maintenance & Tuning Course

3 Hour Bicycle Maintenance Course

1226 BIKES  Bring Your Own Bicycle Maintenance & Tuning Course

Location: Newcomb Hall 82-84 Wilsons Rd, Newcomb VIC 3219
Difficulty:  Between 1 & 2 out of 5
Dates:  See form below (We run this course about once a month in Geelong)
Cost:  $110
Contact Number:  0497 084 527
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Friendly, experienced & professional bike mechanics with years of experience.  We know how to teach tuning & maitenance…  & we can prove it!

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A 3 hour hands-on experience filled with handy tricks & “how-to’s” as we dive into the art of tuning, adjusting, and troubleshooting gears, brakes, and more.  If you have no knowledge, a little…  Or you need a brush-up on tuning… then this is for you!

Electronic & Mechanical

Over 3 hours we guide you through the essential principles of bicycle tuning & maintenance. Starting with an overview, we break down the intricacies of your bike’s drivetrain into easy-to-follow steps. Step one is introduced to the group as a whole, providing detailed instructions, before you embark on the rewarding journey of undertaking that step on your own bike with us guiding you every step of the way.  Return to the group, learn the next step, undertake on your own bike & return…  Rinse & repeat until completion.  You now know how to tune gears & brakes!  (& a heap of other stuff too)



It’s a dynamic & interactive learning experience. With designated workstands and tools at your disposal you’ll immerse yourself in each step, gaining practical experience as you go.  You now know how to tune any brand of gears & you’ve race tuned your bike!. You’ll not only acquire valuable skills but it’s great fun

After only 3 hours your bike will be tuned and ready to conquer any road or trail

    Duration:  3 hours
    Cost:  $110
    Difficulty:  1 out of 5

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    The Trainers



    head mechanic

    The mountain bike guy. Bike builder & head mechanic at 1226. If Steve’s the stylist, Ben’s the executor. Modifications, conversions, complicated custom builds… Ben’s done it all…

    Because of the diversity of bikes we build, our customer base & years of training at the 1226 courses, there’s not much he hasn’t worked on or seen including your beautiful beast

    Whatever you bring Ben’s got you covered!



    Bike builder & stylist

    The road bike guy. Steve’s a bike builder & head stylist at 1226. If you’ve seen our Neo-Retro builds, our resto’s, our crazy MTB colourways Steve’s fingerprints all over them! He’s been building bikes for the last 12 years

    If you’ve ever tried to tune your gears with Youtube & couldn’t figure out any, most, or even some of what they were saying Steve will blow your mind! Even if you’ve never looked at the back end of your bike Steve’s got you covered


    Crunching gears & annoying clicking begone! Our expert-led course will empower you with the knowledge to identify the source of those pesky sounds and equip you with the skills & confidence to fix them. Get ready to enjoy a smooth and silent cycling experience like never before!


    Discover the art of checking and adjusting your bike brakes for optimal performance. Learn the secrets to ensuring your brakes stop precisely when they should, without ever hindering your momentum when you need it most. Gain the confidence to conquer any terrain with brakes that perfectly balance safety and speed, putting you in full control of your bike


    Unlock the secrets of your bike's drivetrain components and master the art of maintenance for long-lasting performance and great savings! It's a skillset that will not only extend the lifespan of your bike but also save a significant amount of money on repairs and replacements. Join us today and become a savvy cyclist who rides with confidence and a fuller wallet!


    Unveil the secrets to swiftly removing and replacing your tyre while fixing a flat, saving you precious time and getting you back on the road in no time. No more pinches once you master the art of putting your tyre on without levers


    Learn the vitals to keep your rides both smooth & uneventful. You know the kind of stuff:  Chain measuring, cross chaining, headset checks, etc. etc.


    Our program is uniquely designed to adapt and evolve in real-time, ensuring that we address questions & topics that arise during the course. This let's us & the group adjust according to what style of bike & what style of rider come on the day!


    What you need for the 1226 BIKES Bicycle Maintenance Workshop ?

    Your Bike – Clean… but doesn’t need to be spotless…  No one wants to work with a bike caked in grease & mud

    Do I need any tools?

    All tools & workstands supplied by us for use during the course

    Do I need to have an understanding of bike mechanics before I come?

    No knowledge top intermediate level is fine for this course

    Will you cover my brand of gears/brakes/bike/etc.?

    We cover just about anything & everything

    Can I bring my electric bike?

    Yes, electric bikes are fine

    Can I bring the kids?

    The course is great for any age group

    Do you take group bookings?

    Yes, we do bookings for group of friends, schools, councils or any group size over 10. To register your interest please contact us


    Do you run the course on other days/locations?

    We run courses around Victoria.  Join the mailing list to get notifications of upcoming events in your area. If you can organise 10 or more riders please contact us with details (location and time) and we will confirm. 

    1226 BIKES
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    Nicholas ZullNicholas Zull
    23:21 17 Nov 22
    I took the basic bike maintenance course. 3 packed-in hours looking at gears, brakes, cleaning, and general mechanics of a bicycle. This course is a must-do for anyone that wants to get the most out of their bike. Ben and Steve were amicable and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend them!
    Steven RankinSteven Rankin
    11:53 13 Nov 22
    Did the basic bicycle course this Saturday and didn’t know what to expect. Ben and Steve were great, made the entire experience well worth it. We had 9 people in my group, all from different cycle requirements. I knew very little about my road bike but found out plenty of useful information and got to do it on your own bike. Fitted a new chain as well. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to know a bit more about how to adjust parts in your bicycle. Going back for an advanced course.
    Garnet JohnsonGarnet Johnson
    07:33 29 Aug 22
    I attended the Bike Maintenance course run by 1226 Bikes on 27/8/22 and found it to be well conducted, educational, fun and inspiring. Presenters, Steve and Ben, shared the presenting and assisting with practical application of the lessons taught. They also made sure that they spoke in language appropriate to the knowledge and experience of participants. Whilst having knowledge far in excess of most participants, Steve and Ben, were not patronising and did not talk down to participants.I have no hesitation in recommending this course as a great introduction to maintaining bicycles.
    Naomi JohnsonNaomi Johnson
    21:50 28 Aug 22
    A brilliant beginners' bike maintenance course. I was going into the three-hour course with a VERY low base of knowledge (I cannot understate how ignorant I am) but Ben and Steve were incredibly patient, tailoring the delivery of information in such a way that I didn't get left behind, but without dragging the rest of the class down. They were kind and patient in providing me extra assistance in the practical component of the course and were incredibly affirming. I learned a lot and I actually now feel quite confident to manage any little niggles or issues which come up while I'm riding. I will definitely go back to 1226 Bikes for any servicing, maintenance or parts I need and can wholeheartedly recommend their expertise, knowledge, teaching and welcome. If you know even a little about bikes, or ride bikes at all, the course is great to do!
    Inderbir SinghInderbir Singh
    10:09 28 Aug 22
    Ben and Steve were welcoming, friendly, funny and knowledgeable. They answered all the questions I asked. They even replaced the chain and the rear gears on my bike without charging for the labour. Maximum of 10 people attend the class. It was great to see the diversity, some people were more knowledgeable than the others. In 3 hours lots of basic things like, cleaning chain, changing tyres, hydraulic brake pads, limiting gears, greasing, etc were covered. I will definitely be going again to learn the advanced course. Strongly recommend anyone to attend if you would like to be more confident when fixing your bike.
    1226 BIKES
    Based on 35 reviews
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    Ross GoodingsRoss Goodings
    10:57 06 Nov 22
    I attended the basic bike maintenance course and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it - Ben and Steve created a friendly welcoming environment for all participants and encouraged people to interact with each other (which they did). There were about 40% girls & 60% guys of ages from 25-60. I filled in the gaps of my knowledge through watching a demo, then applying the skills to my own bike, plus got answers to any questions I or others asked. Thoroughly recommend without hesitation.
    Christoff BothaChristoff Botha
    22:07 31 Jul 22
    Amazing course ! Ben and the team has great passion for bikes and this comes through in the class. They took us through the basics and the ability to self diagnose issues on my bike that would be very helpful when stuck in on a trail.
    Daniel BurnDaniel Burn
    09:38 31 Jul 22
    I did the bike maintenance course with 1226 and couldn't recommend it more highly for anyone like me wanting to learn the basics about servicing your own bike. Really great guys who covered a range of topics and were extremely forthcoming with their knowledge. I had been looking for a course like this for ages and I'm really glad I did it. In the space of a few hours I'm now confident tackling basic maintenance tasks myself that I didn't properly understand before!
    Daniele GelciDaniele Gelci
    08:51 03 Jul 22
    I did the 3 hours maintenance workshop with these guys and I had a great time while learning the basics (and not only) on how to maintain your bike so it is safe and tuned for the next ride. The best part of it is that you get to practice and fix your own bike! The workshop is structured so that Steve and Ben first explain a topic and then everyone gets to get his or her hands dirty on the bike they brought. And if there is an issue, it gets solved right away!Basically, for less than the cost of a service, you get your bike checked and learn how to do it yourself!
    Justin HainingJustin Haining
    10:47 16 Jun 22
    Did the bike maintenance course with these guys and really recommend it. Great presenters, very knowledgeable and I walked away with the knowledge to tune up my own bike. Extremely good value for the price, thanks 1226!

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    Newcomb Hall Geelong

    Wadawurrung Country, 82 Wilsons Road, Newcomb 3219 VIC Australia

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