Buying & Selling Your Bike The 1226 Way

If You're Selling

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Want to get the most out of seling your bike?  Don’t be a mug & put a $500 bike on for 5k & wionder why you’re getting no messages…  You don’t want to give it away either!  We’ll tell you what your baby’s worth so you can sell it quickly & get a great deal

Prepping Your Bike For Sale

Want to sell your bike but don’t have the time (or can’t be bothered) to clean & polish the bike, give it a tune-up & take the pics.  We do that all day long!

It’s the little things that make a difference when you sell your bike.  Having an accurate description, great photos & a bike that does what it should when someone turns up to buy it makes all the difference!


Looking for a new bike but need to sell your old one 1st?  We can take the hassle out of both ends of the deal

Commission Sales

Want to sell your bike but don’t have the time or the inclination to deal with tyre kickers?  We offer an end to end service to sell your bike at a great price

If You're Buying

Custom Bike Building

We can build your dream bike at a realistic price

Helping you find a bike that's right for you

Know what you want but keep missing out on the listings you find online?  We can find the bike you’re looking for for you & take the aggro out of just missing out on that team edition Saeco you just aren’t quick enough to grab

off our showroom floor

OK, I’m the 1st to admit that “showroom” is a somewhat generous term for our workshop in Maribyrnong.  But Moorabbin is another story!

Either way both sites are stocked with goodies…  & we love showing off our bikes & love it even more when people test ride them.  (You’ll appreciate our awesomeness once you do!)

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