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Bikes serviced & tuned to be race ready to ride around the bay, go on that weekend rail trail or just ride down to the local.

We do that, that and that, but also this and that, especially if…

But we are happy to discuss any bike-related services you are looking for…

Visit our Maribyrnong workshop to get your bike serviced, repaired, upgraded, modified & more!

Price varies according to bike
but generally around
$99 + parts

Please note: pricelist is a guide only.
Always call or bring the bike down for an exact quote.


This is what we do for your bike

Our basic services

The service consists of:

Torque bolts to stiffen drivetrain & remove creaks.

Adjust (& replace where needed) cables, align pads.

Align derailleurs, adjust cable tensions, check for wear & damage.

Carefully lube all pivot points in the drivetrain & brakes.  Chain waxing is available at this point.

Check tyres for damage & inflate to correct PSI.

Check wheels for damage & remove buckles.

Check rotors for warping &/or damage, scuff pads if needed, clean with isopropyl alcohol if needed.

Chain waxing

Deep clean & chain waxing using
Utrasonic technology

We use a form of melt-on waxing which involves heating our wax/teflon mix to a liquid form in an ultrasonic cleaner then submerging your clean chain within it while it runs forcing the wax solution deep within the chain & links. Once the chain is removed the wax cools & drys returning to a solid state and is embedded within the individual pieces that make up a bicycle chain.

Why chain wax?

An immersion chain wax with friction modifiers is the most efficient chain lubrication method available.  It greatly improves both chain and drivetrain component durability.  Because grit doesn’t stick to the wax, the cassette and chainring exhibit extremely little wear over 5-10000 km when the wax is reapplied at regular intervals. 

Custom Bicycle Build

Road Mountain Gravel Monstercross Cyclocross we do it all

Whether you’ve found that team edition frame you’ve been hunting for the past decade or want to convert that old mountain bike into a monstercross gravel grinder we’ve got you covered.

New or used, Neo retro, restoration or something completely original it all starts with a frame & the parts you have… & what you need.  

Bikes aren’t that complicated, until you’ve attempted to build one yourself. Seat posts, BB’s, cross compatibility or threads that go this way… or that…  If you’ve ever attempted a custom build you know just how frustrating it can be.


Please check our facebook page & our ratings/reviews.  We’re proud of 1226!  We work very hard to make sure we have great bikes, great service & a great reputation.  We’re stoked that 1226 is a community as much as a bike shop & we maintain this by standing by our customers & our products

Here’s how we roll

Used bikes in Australia are sold on an “as is” basis but that’s not the end of our story…  If you purchase a used bike from us & receive it via freight please assemble & check all parts of the bike upon arrival.  If we have missed something or there is a fault please let us know immediately.  We will rectify the problem

To make sure you’re getting what you expect we go over all bikes thoroughly.  Used bikes are just that:  Used.  They are not perfect.  But we want them to be as close to possible & to work as expected…  We want you to be happy!

Before a bike leaves our workshop we:

Wheels & drivetrain

  • Wheels are checked for buckles & to make sure bearings spin smooth & true
  • Shifters & derailleurs are checked & tuned


  • Carbon checked for cracks, softening or any other form of damage
  • Paint is checked
  • Chips etc. assessed

Moving bits on a MTB

We check shocks, forks, frame pivot points & brakes & test ride the bike to ensure these parts are working as expected

  • Pivot points are checked for play
  • Shocks & forks are checked for leaks, smooth movement & plush feel
  • Any lockouts are also checked to make sure everything works as intended
  • Brakes are checked for leaks, rubbing grip, etc. & bled where needed

It’s what makes the difference with our bikes.  Come take a spin at our premises & see for yourself.  We have heaps of space to ride & besides, it’s just great fun to try out bikes!

If you’ve had the bike shipped:  As soon as you receive the bike check it over thoroughly!

If you think we’ve missed something in our checking process (It happens occasionally… we’re only human) before you shred that berm is the time to let us know the issue.  We know you’re excited to go ride down that near vertical slope you’ve been eyeing off shredding 6’ jumps… but just pause a tick!  We want you to be happy with the bike…  & safe!  If we’ve missed something we’ll take care of it & you.

Our price list

Adjust and align gears$25+ Parts/cables where needed
Adjust and align brakes$25+ Parts/cables where needed
Clean Chain & cassette$25
Wheel trued$25 each + Parts where needed
Brake surface cleaned & pads deglazed$25+ pads if needed
Tyres changed$25 + Tyres
Check and tighten all bolts and crank$25+ Parts where needed
Bar tape wrapping$20+ Bartape
Chain Waxing$45 – 1st time then $25 - per refresh

* Pricelist is a guide only.

Always call or bring the bike down for an exact quote

Any questions?

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