Custom Bicycle Build

Custom Bicycle Build

Whether you’ve found that team edition frame you’ve been hunting for the past decade or want to convert that old mountain bike into a monstercross gravel grinder we’ve got you covered.

New or used, Neo retro, restoration or something completely original it all starts with a frame & your vision…  & a little help to convert that vision into reality 

Bikes aren’t that complicated…  Until you’ve attempted to build one yourself. Seat posts, BB’s, crank arm length, clearance, cross compatibility, threads that go this way… or that…  If you’ve ever attempted a custom build you know just how frustrating it can be.

Imagining your dream bike built from the ground up & want to source everything?  Already have the parts & you’re ready to start?  Maybe you’re already underway & just need help getting past one sticking point…  We’ll get you riding in a few simple steps:


Step 1

It’s strategy time!  We’ll discuss where you’re at & what you want your end product to be & compare that against your budget to match expectations with reality

Step 2

We’ll take a deposit & source any parts still needed.  At this point we can give a timeframe for completion

Step 3

The best time to detail, polish & clean is when a bike is in parts.  We’re experts in polishing & restoring paint.  We use ultrasonic cleaners to deep clean & restore parts.  We’ll get that bike in showroom condition!

Step 4

It’s time to build!  Parts are fitted & adjusted.  As the build progresses everything is torqued & tested including test riding.  Adjustments are made for steerer height, bar & shifter position, etc.

Step 5

Pickup & Handover.  You come back to pick up the bike.  At this point we’ll double check the fit to your body shape.  You test ride around our testing area & any final adjustments are made

Step 6

All bikes need small adjustments as things settle into place.  Cable stretch, a tweak here & there, etc.  A quick visit  after half a dozen rides & we take care of that while you wait


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