Record groupset on a Tomassini Techno road bike at the 3 hour $99 bicycle tuning & bicycle maintenance course

3 Hour $99 Bicycle Tuning & Bicycle Maintenance Course Updates

3 hour $99 Bicycle Tuning & Bicycle Maintenance Course Date Updates

Who doesn’t love gears working like a well oiled machine?…  Actually I think they work when they are a well oiled machine?!?  A little training goes a loooong way when you’re

tuning bicycle gears!

OK, I’m adding this comment in as an edit later on.  I have just remembered that day…  & I can assure you there is absolutely NO OIL on that groupset anywhere!!! 😆😆😆

3 hours, $99 & you’ll be tuning like a pro.  Here’s a little eye candy to drool over 👆👆while I hit you with some course date updates

Saturday 4th March 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 14th March 6pm-9pm
Tuesday 28th March 6pm-9pm
Saturday 15th April 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 18th April 6pm-9pm
Sunday 30th April 10am-1pm

Tuesday 11th April 6pm-9pm
Sunday 23rd April 10am-1pm
Tuesday 2nd May 6pm-9pm
Saturday 25th February 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 7th March 6pm-9pm
Sunday 19th March 10am-1pm
Tuesday 21st March 6pm-9pm

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For those of you who were suckered in to 1226 BIKES by the video & have no interest in a bicycle mechanic course the groupset’s a Campagnolo Record 8 speed groupset on a 1994(ish) Tommasini Tecno

Just in case you’re one of the 98% of the population that’s never heard of Tomassini (We call them the other people 😆 ) here’s a link to that as well:


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