Chain waxing

Deep clean & chain waxing using Utrasonic technology

We use a form of melt-on waxing which involves heating our wax/teflon mix to a liquid form in an ultrasonic cleaner then submerging your clean chain within it while it runs forcing the wax solution deep within the chain & links. Once the chain is removed the wax cools & drys returning to a solid state and is embedded within the individual pieces that make up a bicycle chain.

Why chain wax?

An immersion chain wax with friction modifiers is the most efficient chain lubrication method available.  It greatly improves both chain and drivetrain component durability.  Because grit doesn’t stick to the wax, the cassette and chainring exhibit extremely little wear over 5-10000 km when the wax is reapplied at regular intervals.

That increased drivetrain durability isn’t just about a silky-smooth drivetrain, but rather performance in real-world conditions with real-world dirt. Here, our wax mixture remains perfectly dry to touch and forms a protective barrier for the chain links. In turn, dirt can’t get in past the solid wax coating, and it doesn’t stick to it, either.  Waxing keeps the drivetrain clean and free from any grease or dirt that can act as a grinding paste on your chain and cogs.

That lack of wear on your drivetrain components directly translates to reduced running costs. With no more oily paste there’s no more degreasing! The wax itself can be removed with hot water, meaning any dirt stuck to the chain can be cleaned with hot water, too.


Your drivetrain will always be clean to touch. You don’t need to worry about grease marks when transporting or storing your bike (or on your leg).

Here's how it's done

We remove the chain, derailleurs, crankset & chain & put them into an ultrasonic cleaner with our non toxic cleaning solution.

After the parts are thoroughly cleaned we remove them & run through the ultrasonic cleaner again containing clean water.  Next the components are dried.  At this point they are 100% spotlessly clean.  

Once dried the components are put back on the bike while the chain is placed into another ultrasonic cleaner containing our waxing mixture.

When the chains have been in the waxing solution long enough to force the solution into the chain & links we hang them to cool.  After cooling the excess wax is removed & the chain is cooled & placed back onto the bike.

The chain is then placed back on the bike.

You're good to go!

Any questions?

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