The 1226 Full Buffet

Bicycle service, Bicycle repairs, upgrades, modifications

Inside the Maribyrnong bike service workshop

The $99 Meal Deal

$99 basic Bike service

The $99 bicycle service consists of:

  • Check and tighten all bolts and crank
  • Adjust and align brakes
  • Adjust and align gears
  • Lubricate drivetrain (either wax or oil)
  • Tyres inflated
  • Wheels removed and trued
  • Brake surface cleaned & pads deglazed

1226 À la carte Menu

Adjust and align gears $25 + Parts/cables where needed
Adjust and align brakes $25 + Parts/cables where needed
Clean Chain & cassette $25
Wheel trued $25 each + Parts where needed
Brake surface cleaned & pads deglazed $25 + pads if needed
Tyres changed $25 + Tyres
Brake Bleeding $25 an end or $40 front & back+ Parts where needed
Bar tape wrapping $50 with our black bartape or $30 + tape
Chain Waxing $65 – 1st time then $25 per refresh

Please note: Above pricelist is a guide only.
Always call or bring the bike down for an exact quote

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