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1226 bicycle workshop

In the 1226 bicycle shop

Out front in the shop & out back in a dark corner…   Find out what we’re doing, talking about, watching & building…  & all things bicycle!

See what happens when Ben & Steve set their minds to building custom road & mountain bikes…
& heaps of

Almost a bicycle blog



Worlds sexiest bike shop 😎😎🚲 The Worlds Best Bike Shop? | Corsa Corsa Tokyo – YouTube

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CAAD9 Restoration

Before & After Powder coated at one of the best powder coaters in Melbourne. 95% of the pitting was filled & smoothed. 1226 decal added. Fun fact:we’ve discovered bikes go 15% faster with the 1226 decal 😁😎🚲🤙

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Raccomi Restoration

One of our earlier resto’s & still to this day probably my all time favourite!! When I found the bike it was absolutely hammered.  True barn find…  Nothing was replaced, not even the chain or cassette. Everything was cleaned & polished using nothing but elbow grease… Actually we did use a little degreaser, soap, steel

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10 reasons to love 1226 😎🚲🤙

1. We talk  We walk C’mon  I don’t mean we’re walking the bikes ‘cos ours break down… OK… Maybe occasionally I mean we talk the talk & walk the walk. What are you doing on the weekend? We’re messaging & calling each other to discuss: Bikes we’ve seen…Bikes we want…Bikes we’re getting…Bikes we already have…bike bikes bikes bikes bikes.

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