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In the 1226 bicycle shop

Out front in the shop & out back in a dark corner… 
See what happens when 2 idiots with more tools than brain cells set their minds to building custom road & mountain bikes…
& heaps of
Hope you’re wide awake & you’ve been working out your scrolling finger ‘cos you’re gunna be here a while! 

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Campagnolo Velox rear derailleur

Campagnolo Velox Rear Derailleur

We’ve had this on a shelf for years ‘cos we like to look at it & every now & again post a pic or 2 of it… I don’t think we’ll ever build something that needs a Campagnolo Velox RD… But who knows?

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Campagnolo Cannondale Mountain Bike

This gifted to us the other day.  Paint’s a little rough but not a single dint.  It’s not too often you use Campagnolo, Cannondale & mountain bike in the same sentence… I believe it’s a 1992(?) frame.  I’m guessing it’s not really worth anything except for it’s curiosity value…  Not too mention it’s an awesome

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It’s Alive! Cannondale Synapse Hi Mod Di2

Di2 wizardry🧙‍♂️🧟‍♂️🔗🗜⚙🔩🔧🛠🔨🚲 Steve’s Cannondale Synapse Hi Mod.   You can see the completed build here:

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** SOLD ** Ibis Mojo SL/R XL Dual Suspension Carbon Fibre Mountain Bike

Lightweight SRAM equipped IBIS Mojo XL with STANS Crest wheelset $2467 Lightweight SRAM equipped IBIS Mojo XL with STANS Crest wheelset weighing in at under 13kg. Extremely capable all-mountain bike that doesn’t use any “cheater” lightweight parts to keep the weight down. It’s strong, stiff & track ready The bike is sold in used condition.

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B & W Thursday!

Cannondale stealth collection Sometimes colour is fun…  & sometimes it’s fun with none💪🚲🔨🛠🔧🔩⚙🗜🔗🚴‍♀️

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