Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course

Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course


Learn to

  • Strip, deep clean & assemble your drive train
  • Deep clean your bike while drivetrain removed
  • Safety check BB shell & BB
  • Safety check headset
  • Check bolt tension across bike
  • Safety check any/all other parts

We start by working through the general principles & steps with the group as a whole, then break the process down into easy steps.  Next everyone goes to their designated workstands & undertakes step by step on their own bike under expert direction.  Rinse & repeat until completion

All tools are supplied on the day.  Parts available for purchase if needed.

1226 Bikes Moorabbin

    Duration: 3-4 hours
    Cost: $375
    Difficulty: 3 out of 5

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    Checking chain length on a purple roadbike at 1226 Bikes bicycle maintenance course

    What to Bring to the 1226 BIKES Bicycle Maintenance Workshop:

    NO TOOLS REQUIRED!  We supply all tools & workstands used on the day

    Your Bike – Clean… but doesn’t need to be spotless…  No one wants to work with a bike caked in grease & mud

    Clothing – Dressing like a hobo isn’t compulsory but please remember: You are working with oil & dirt! If you wear a 3 piece suit or that slip dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion you will leave wishing you hadn’t. We want you to walk away in the same state we finish a day’s work. Dirty on the outside and happy on the inside.
    For safety reasons closed shoes are compulsory for everyone attending the course

    Parts and consumables – Occasionally you’ll need a cable or a pad or something else unforeseen… No problem! We stock anything needed & it can be purchased on the day

    When to arrive:
    Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to start time to allow us to sign you in, inspect your bike & prepare a workstation for you

    If you have any questions feel free to give us a call on 0420 207 303

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    Moorabbin Workshop

    302 Chesterville Rd
    Moorabbin Victoria 3189
    Phone Number:  0420207303


    Monday:  8am-12pm
    Tuesday: 8am-12pm
    Wednesday: 8am-12pm
    Thursday: 8am-12pm
    Friday: 8am-12pm
    Saturday: By appointment
    Other times:  By appointment

    Please note: 
    You’re always welcome to pop in & take your chances if you’re passing by & you need a bicycle mechanic… but if you’re making a trip to visit us definitely contact us first             ****Aways shoot a message on the number above or give a call to confirm someone’s at the workshop before coming****             We come & go on varied daily schedules with deliveries, pickups, etc. Opening times are a guide only & cannont be 100% relied upon for availabillity without prior arrangement

    There’s no signage for 1226 at our Maribyrnong bike shop.  We are located on the 1st floor of Kennards Self Storage.  To visit us just head over to KSS, park in the the KSS carpark & give us a call on 0497 084 527  One of our team will come down & let you into the building

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