3 hour $99 Bicycle Maintenance Workshop

1226 Bicycle Maintenance Course Melbourne:

Learn the the basics (& more) around how to tune & maintain your bicycle over 3 hours in our bicycle maintenance classes

Moorabbin: Saturday 2nd July 1pm-4pm fully booked
Maribyrnong: Saturday 9th July 1pm-4pm Available
Moorabbin: Saturday 23rd July 1pm-4pm Available
Maribyrnong: Saturday 6th August 1pm-4pm Available

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Once you’ve booked just turn up to the clinic with your bike.  We’ll do an assessment on it focusing on each of the areas listed below.  Under instruction you’ll undertake the task list below which once completed will leave you with a serviced bike & the training to maintain it to a high standard

The bicycle maintenance course is run through our Maribyrnong workshop & our Moorabbin store.  It takes 3 hours & costs about the same as a service.  You’ll leave with a working knowledge of basic servicing & the know-how to keep your bike shifting smoothly & race ready every time you ride

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  • Gear adjustment & indexing, limiters, B screw
  • Brake alignment & changing pads
  • Headset & steering
  • Wheel truing
  • Chain maintenance

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Bicycle Mechanic Course

If you already know basic maintenance & want to learn something more specialised or you’re looking for something more mechanic oriented…  We can help!  We offer hourly one on one training in a range of more specialist areas including hydraulic brakes, electronic gears, bike building, upgrading, etc. etc.

Inside the Maribyrnong bike service workshop
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