Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course

1226 BIKES
Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course

Duration:  3-4 hours
Cost:  $340
Difficulty:  3/5 (If you have a low skill level please do the $99 3 hour tuning & maintenance course 1st)
Group Bookings:  3-5 people
1 on 1 Training:  By appointment when available
Contact:  0420 207 303 

Saturday 8th October 1pm-4.30pm  Booked Out
Saturday 19th November 1pm-4.30pm

Sunday 30th October 10am-1.30pm

Like most of the 1226 BIKES training courses the Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course is a bespoke BYO bicycle course that will leave you trained & your bike popping!


You do the work & training on your own bike, whether it’s a beauty or a beast. Road, mountain, electric & anything in between is covered

The Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course is a bespoke BYO bicycle training experience that trains you to
Deep Clean
your drivetrain.  You’re hands on, on your own bike under instruction from the 1226 BIKES crew

It’s aimed at people who already have a basic understanding of bicycle mechanics & want to expand their knowledge and hands-on ability. If you’ve taken our 3 Hour Bicycle Maintenance Course & loved it, this is perfect! It’ll take you to another level

If you’ve done our $99 Bicycle Maintenance Course we’ll credit you $99 toward the cost of this course

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                                                   A bit more detail
Each element effecting your drivetrain and shifting will be addressed: (subject to type of bike and accessibility of component)

  1. Levers:  Cleaned and regreased to address any sticky shifting, sluggish lever return and any issues that might affect the crisp clicking of a single gear change.

  2. Cabling:  Including the replacement of all inners and outers (Excluding electric groupsets)

  3. Front and Rear Derailleur:  Will be removed, deep cleaned, polished and reinstalled

  4. Hanger:  Aligned

  5. Crank:  Removed, deep cleaned, polished, reinstalled

  6. Chainrings:  Examined, bolts checked

  7. Pedals:  Removed, cleaned, reinstalled with some lube and washers.

  8. Bottom Bracket:  Inspected, removed if needed, cleaned, replaced if needed, regreased

  9. Chain:  Measured for wear & checked for correct length, deep cleaned, lubed and reinstalled

  10. Tune:  Once all elements are back on bike we will race tune the beast

  11. Wrap Bars if needed

Here’s what makes the Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course spesh:

Bring your bike down & at the end of the course you’ll leave with the finished bike & the foundation knowledge to do it on your next dream machine… & speaking of dream machine… You can change gear ratio by swapping cassette size/chainring size, do a 1x conversion, replace components, upgrade, etc. on your bike while doing the course!

PXL 20201215 011803940.MP
Shimano Dura Ace 7400 Crankset drive side front
NOS SRAM Red 10 speed casstte on Park Tool scales
crank and bottom bracket on a Cannondale Furio looking amazing after a strip & clean at the 1226 bikes Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course
3ttt stem & headset after clean & polish at the 1226 bikes Advanced Bicycle Drivetrain Course

Bike Training The 1226 Way

The 1226 BIKES bicycle workshops & bicycle courses are bespoke to you & your bike.  We work through the general principles & details of each step with the group as a whole before everyone works on their own bikes

You work on your bike.  You’ll be instructed, with us problem solving with you & fixing if needed, stepping in & out of the process as required

Whether you’re a competent home mechanic, or you don’t know how to take a wheel off we’ve got a course for you

It’s a fun, easy going & safe environment with skilled professionals.  It’s hands-on, it’s sometimes challenging…  But always great fun!

See you at the next course

Steve & Ben

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