Advanced Bicycle Brake Bleed Course

1226 BIKES
Advanced Bicycle Brake Bleed Course

Duration:  2-3 hours
Cost:  $345 including bleed kit*
Difficulty:  3/5 (If you have a low skill level please do the $99 3 hour tuning & maintenance course 1st)

Booking enquiries:
0420 207 303

Sunday 4th December 10am-1pm  BOOKED OUT!

Sunday 11th December 10am-1pm  BOOKED OUT!

Check back in January for upcoming dates

The BYO bicycle Advanced Bicycle Brake Bleed Course will leave you bleeding brakes like a pro & your bike stopping on a dime!

Here’s how

We train you to bleed brakes on your own bike, whether it’s a beauty or a beast. Road, mountain, electric & anything in between is covered

Because you’re learning on your own bike you’ll go home with your brakes race ready. You’ll take home a bleed kit for your specific brakes which are included in the cost of the course. Next time you want a bleed you’ll be able to do it yourself at home

*Some older hydraulic brakes no longer have parts available.  Some exotic or high end brakes may incur an additional charge or parts may need to be sourced
Tools – you do not need to own or bring any specific tools for the course, we have everything needed on the day.  We’ll also help you identify what, if any, tools you’ll need in your home workshop
Bleed Kit– supplied on the day at no extra charge to be taken home at the end of the session

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                                                 A bit more detail
Review and service all elements of the Hydraulic Braking System:
• Pads and Rotors
• Callipers and Brake Levers
• Hoses & Fittings
• Installation of new hydraulic cable if needed
• Replacing Brake levers or callipers if needed
• Cutting and sealing hydraulic systems with barbs and olives

Learn how to bleed front and rear brakes with the correct tools.  If your bike needs parts replaced it’s a great time to do the course

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Bike Training The 1226 Way

The 1226 BIKES bicycle workshops & bicycle courses are bespoke to you & your bike.  We work through the general principles & details of each step with the group as a whole before everyone works on their own bikes

You work on your bike.  You’ll be instructed, with us problem solving with you & fixing if needed, stepping in & out of the process as required

Whether you’re a competent home mechanic, or you don’t know how to take a wheel off we’ve got a course for you

It’s a fun, easy going & safe environment with skilled professionals.  It’s hands-on, it’s sometimes challenging…  But always great fun!

See you at the next course

Steve & Ben

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