About us

We are 1226

If you ride… by now you probably know who we are & what we do

If you’re one of those riders who hasn’t discovered our awesomeness yet…
Don’t panic! 
Have a look through the website & check out our work… & don’t forget to check us out on Facebook

We love our customers!  We’re as different from the other bike shops around Melbourne as chocolate is from turnips.  (We’re the chocolate in this story!).  We know most of our customers by name & they know us.  In some ways we’re more like a bike group than a bike shop… Our about us page should probably have our customers listed not staff!  They contribute as much to the business & culture as we do.  

1226 workshop

At the end of the day we are a business… & we take it seriously.
We work hard to produce the best bikes we can while having fun with what we do

Here’s a taste


We service a little differently to most.  With an emphasis on squeezing the most out of a bike as we can whether it’s a high end roady, a hardcore dually or your kids $99 BMX we want it to run as smoothly as it possibly can.  We’ve even developed our own waxing system to ensure the smoothest shifting possible!

Custom building

We’ve built a lot of custom bikes.  Around 75% of all our sales are custom builds.  We specialize in monstercross, mid noughties roadys (especially Cannondales), MTB conversions from 26-27.5 & much more


We love restoring bikes!  We can detail paint to look better than new.   We often get bikes touched up & have bikes repaired regularly for customers.  The guy we use is brilliant!  His work is amongst the best we’ve seen whether it’s a custom paint job, a touch-up or carbon repair.  But when you’re restoring it’s not all about the frame.  We have great industry contacts who help us source era specific parts & wheels in fantastic condition.

Mood lighting, rude close-ups & sexy angles.

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