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We are 1226

If you’ve been to one of our bicycle shops… You know who we are & what we do…  Welcome back!

If you haven’t discovered our awesomeness yet…

Don’t panic! 

You’ve found us now!

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We love & do all things bike!

1226 bicycle workshop

We work hard to make the best bikes we can while having fun with what we build

Here’s some of what we do

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Whether it’s a high end roady, a hardcore dually or your kids $99 BMX you want it to run as smoothly as it can.  We do everything from a basic service through to boutique services such as using our own waxing system for the smoothest shifting possible

Custom building

Build Build Build Build Build Build .  Around 75% of everything we do is custom building.  We especially love monstercross, mid noughties roadys, MTB wheel conversions etc…..

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Paint detailing & touchup
Period correct parts
Deep cleaning

Mood lighting, rude close-ups & sexy angles

We love bike porn!!

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